Saturday, September 25, 2010

In High Cotton

Have you ever grown cotton?  Not me -- well, until this year.  In June I went to a Master Gardener program at Henrietta Creek Orchards in North Tarrant County, and I was given some cotton seeds.   So I planted them in my garden, and lo and behold, they grew!   The seeds germinated in about a week!  

This picture was taken in July about a month after planting.

The cotton plant continued to grow... and then it bloomed!

I think the foliage and blooms look somewhat like a hibiscus.   
It is a very pretty plant, and it never wilted even on the hottest of days.
And then came the cotton boll (a/k/a seed pod)

In the blazing heat of August, the seed continued to mature...
 until September when the seed pod broke open to reveal exactly what
I put in the ground back in June!

Each boll contains 20 to 40 cotton seeds
(So I'll have plenty to plant again next spring!)


I wear clothes made of cotton, I put cottonseed meal in my compost pile to crank up the heat (it's a high nitrogen source when I don't have enough "green stuff"), and I add cotton burr compost to my soil to beef up the organic material in the soil.   All that...and a beautiful plant!   Isn't gardening fun :-)

Until next time...

Happy gardening!

Toni :-)


  1. I never thought of growing cotton in the garden but I think it is worth a try. It has a nice bloom and I love the seed pod especially when it is opening. Plus, it would be very educational for my children. Thanks for sharing your experience and inspiration!

  2. I like this idea Toni! I drive by huge cotton fields in the summer so I think I'll give cotton a try. My question is, where might I find cotton seeds? I've never looked. Darn, I had an urge to run into a cotton field this fall and gather up a few cotton balls! hahaha! If I wasn't such a stickler on trespassing I probably would have!!