Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's In A Name?

"What's in a name? That which we call a blog
by any other name would sound as sweet."

(My apologies to Shakespeare)

To all of my following friends and fellow bloggers:

I have decided to change the name of my blog from 
Diggin' in the Dirt to...
Signature Gardens.  

My inspiration comes from a favorite little garden plaque
that I have on my front porch.

When I started my blog, I debated over what to name it.   For several years I have authored a garden newsletter for my clients called "Diggin' in the Dirt."  So I thought I would name my blog just that, Diggin' in the Dirt.

Then I joined  Blotanical.   It was then that I realized that there are many other blogs with the Digging name (or some derivative thereof), so I decided a change might be in order.   My fellow Blotanist "Gardenguru" commented that in his experience he has found that "it is the content that distinguishes one blog from another and not the name."

While this may be true, in an effort to stand out from the crowd of Digging Diggers Diggin' in the Dirt, I decided to change the name to conform with my garden design and consultation business, Signature Gardens.  The content of my blog will remain the same, an attempt to give out pertinent gardening information as well as share tales of my adventures while (you guessed it) diggin' in the dirt.

My blog URL remains the same; 
only the name has been changed to protect the innocent :-)

Again taking artistic liberty, "A blog is a blog because we agree to call it so, and if we agreed to call it by any other name, all that makes a blog will continue; albeit under a different name" :-)

What is a name, indeed?  
Is it not our signature; that which identifies us and perhaps sets us apart?
I hope you like the change and will continue to follow me on my blogging journey. 

a day without dirt under your nails is like a day without sunshine.

Toni  :-)


  1. Understood. Your after pic on the sidebar looks great. jim

  2. Love the new name - and I'll continue to enjoy the great content.

  3. Nice play on Shakespeare, Toni. Haven't I heard that before?

  4. Love the sound of 'Signature Gardens,' Toni. Great choice.
    And may I say, I'm rather blown away by the name of your town: Grapevine!
    So cool, I would have thought it was conjured up.

    aka Bay Area Tendrils

  5. Hi Toni - Love the new name and will continue to follow you with pleasure. :)

  6. I like the new name! It suits. :)

  7. You have such a beautiful blog! I really like the new name and look forward to reading more of your posts.

  8. I love the new name! and i love the plaque from which it was taken. I will happily continue to follow your great blog.

  9. I enjoy your blog and understand having your blog work with your business. That is something I contemplated, but decided not to do. I work so much, I needed to have the two separate just to have a little fun. I show design work on occasion, but like the fun aspect of just plain gardening. I did like your Diggin'in the Dirt name, but Signature Gardens is classy. I will put that in the sidebar on my blog.

  10. @gardenwalk: Thanks so much for adding my blog to your sidebar!!! I'm honored :-) I debated about the name change for a while, but since I don't have an actual business website, this is a good way to have a free website and can direct clients to the blog to receive my Diggin' in the Dirt newsletter that I used to send out via email. Couldn't do the URL as diggin' in the dirt because it won't accept apostrophe's, so...Signature Gardens it is :-)

    @AliceJoyce: Grapevine is a real place...named after the wild mustang grapes that grow here.

    TO EVERYONE ELSE: Thanks for your comments! I really appreciate it. And thanks for following my blog. Now if I can just get some time to post something new. I've been SO BUSY with work I've had no computer time. But lots of gardening time, so not all bad :-)

  11. I like the quote on the plaque. I think it makes for a great blog name. I hope your blog and your business keeps growing. And great you have been spending a lot of time in the garden

  12. Whatever you call your blog, it's fabulous!! You're on my sidebar, too, so I'll go ahead and change the name!! Personally, I liked Diggin in the Dirt, since that's what my husband calls gardening!! :0)

  13. @TS: Thanks for adding my blog to your sidebar!! I call gardening diggin' in the dirt, too, which was how I named my newsletter for clients. I debated and debated over the name of the blog, but really in the end, if I don't have interesting posts, it doesn't really matter what I call it, does it?! Blotanical had so many "Digging" blogs and no "Signature," so I made the switch. Thanks for your kind comment.

  14. So glad I found you Toni...or did you find me? Either way!! Yippee!