Friday, August 19, 2011

Skywatch Friday - A Cool Summer Evening

Here are a few shots of a beautiful evening sky at my parents' farm in central Wisconsin when we were visiting last week.


During our visit the temperatures ranged from the 70s during the day and down into the 50s at night.    Sweet relief from the record-breaking temps we're having in Texas this summer.

I hope you've found a little relief from the heat, too. 

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Toni :-)


  1. Beautiful! and just the images I envision when I think of the Midwest. I am so glad you enjoyed your travels north and cooler temperature!

  2. You got some sweet relief and some sweet skies!


    Sky so high,
    Sky so blue,
    Tell me why
    I love you.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Sunsets here and here

  3. Beautiful scenery in Wisconsin. Don't you just wish you could put those temperatures in your bag to bring home?

  4. What heat, wish I had some of it here in nippy old UK. Lovely photo's, I like that barn too, so much more attractive than most barns over here.

  5. How peaceful! I love old barns. :o) You and Janet are 100% right about my mutant coneflowers haivng aster yellows. Should I just pull the plants that are obviously infected or the entire bunch? I've already pulled the weirdest ones.

  6. Must have been so nice visiting in a place with that kind of temperature. Texas is still blazing and high hundreds every day.

  7. Just looking at that first photo, I could feel my blood pressure decreasing by several points! Beautiful and so peaceful. Thanks for posting. (And lucky you, for growing up in such a gorgeous setting.)

  8. Glad you had some relief from the triple digit temps even though it was only temporarily. Beautiful evening photos too. We've enjoyed beautiful sunsets and sky-watching the last couple weeks here in Utah. You need a summer home in Wisconsin and a winter home in Texas.

  9. You said "Sure hope it was cooler there than it is here." YES, it was. It was gorgeous weather in California...actually pretty cold at night. We needed jackets. Actually, we even needed jackets on the beach at 2:00 in the afternoon! :-)