Friday, November 11, 2011


A curious date on the calendar
Month, day, and year the same
Surely a date to remember
and one to warrant fame

A similar phenomenon occurred
One year ago it's been
October of last year
the date was Ten-Ten-Ten 

It's been 100 years
since this date has come to be
I wonder if anyone born back then
is still alive to see

The Great Blue Norther blew 
one century ago
With temps of record high that day
as well as record low

They say cesarean births will rise
and wedding bells will ring
I wonder what other milestones
this unique day will bring

The end of World War I
is recognized this day
We honor all our veterans
for the price they had to pay

So is there special significance
to this 11th of November?
Will 2011 be a year
that history will remember?

I hope wherever you garden
it's a little slice of heaven
Enjoy this momentous day
of Eleven-Eleven-Eleven

Happy 11-11-11...

Toni :-)


  1. What a splendid poem. You figured out a rhyme for eleven, well done. Happy 11-11-11 to you too.

  2. Nice poetic tribute to the date. Looking forward to 12-12-12.

  3. Enjoyable and unique way to comment on an unusual date! Fun!

  4. My cousin's son decided 10-10-10 would be his birthday and his dad is enjoying Veterans's Day on this equally unique date. Cute poem! :o)

  5. Always a joy to visit here, Toni. Great job. A friend is setting her alarm for 11:11 today (twice) just for grins!

  6. Love it Toni! I was thinking of 11/11/11 at 11:11.11!! hahahahaha!

  7. What a wonderful poem Toni! And how fitting to honor those who have served and those who serve today.

  8. Well done. I saw someone on Wednesday who was 100 years old, so they saw this day in 1911, though as an infant, they didn't remember it. Happy 11/11/11!

  9. Toni, the day came and went uneventfully here, thank goodness! (I can't imagine having a c-section just so my child could have a unique birthdate, but that's me.)

    I really enjoyed seeing your garden in the mist/fog, too, just beautiful.

  10. Hi I just discovered your blog and I feel fantastic, good job
    un saludo