Saturday, June 30, 2012

They're So Cute When They're Little

Last month on a stroll through my garden, I spotted something on the coneflowers.   As I got closer, I realized they were teeny tiny baby grasshoppers.

I can almost hear the collective "aaawe they're so cute" out in blogland.

And they are cute...when they are little.

But they grow up to be really ugly yellowish-green eating machines!

The Differential grasshopper, Melanoplus differentialis
is one of the most common grasshoppers in Texas. 

Here's one (among many, believe me) on my 'King Humbert' Canna.

The chewing has commenced!

Have I gone bug-eyed over this plague of evil beasts,
or are they chewing holes in the shape of hearts?

Are they only tormenting me further by chewing butterfly shaped holes, too?!

Here are a few pictures of the cannas before the munching mayhem began.

When the grasshoppers have had their fill, I will cut the shredded remains to the ground, and hopefully they will return to their former glory.

In an effort to find a glimmer of good amid the gluttonous grasshoppers, 
I'm linking to Guest Heart Thursday 

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Toni :-)


  1. When I lived in South Dakota, they were everywhere and would eat the paint off the house. I'm no fan of grasshoppers!

  2. Ohmigosh, even though they are pests ... and ruinous ... and annoying ... at least they have the artistic sense to make some gorgeous hearts!!! I'm so glad you linked up - what a wonderful post!

  3. You didn't hear me sigh! Pesky little devils. I do love though how you've managed to find a little love in the situation. You're a sweetheart ;)

  4. Your photos almost convince me that here are Nature's artists in action! Amazing shapes these critters create!

  5. Hahaha, they are showing you hearts so you will have more hearts for them! They are really a menace and destroy a lot many crops and is a nightmare of farmers here.

  6. I despise grasshoppers, but you're right - they really are cute when they're still tiny like that!

  7. Lots of them! Now I know what's eating my plant hehehe.

    Classic Car Show shadows, come and see.
    Rose, SSS2

  8. The grasshoppers are obviously telling you how much they love your cannas! I am not squeamish, and there are few things out in the garden that scare me; but I confess to a real fear of big grasshoppers (I can take the little green ones). Your photos made my heart beat a little faster!

  9. You take some amazing photographs! What a joy to view them. I love the heart shaped hole that was chewed out of that leaf, especially!