Wednesday, July 4, 2012

'Fireworks' on the 4th

How about some fireworks on the 4th of July!

Here's a variegated purple fountaingrass I tried this year in a container.  

Its official name is Pennisetum setaceum rubrum (wait for it) 'Fireworks'

I love the brightly colored variegated foliage.

And the soft fuzzy purple plumes.

I put it in a container by itself this year, but I think it would look great paired with sweet potato vine, purple heart, periwinkles, or pentas.

This is definitely a thriller that will add sparkle to any summer container garden.

'Fireworks' is an annul in my zone 7/8 garden, but it is no dud!  It takes the Texas summer heat with ease and makes me go ooh and aah as the plumes shoot up above the colorful foliage.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!  
I hope you get to see some great fireworks :-)

Toni :-)


  1. Beautiful Toni! I have a question for you about the terribly dry year last year and its effect on japanese maples... I have some that have burned leaves... are they likely to recover or does this usually affect the wood as well? Should they be pruned back some? We finally got some rain and hail, but water is water... the maples probably got missed by the sprinkler... thanks, Larry

  2. That grass is really awesome, and what makes it more stunning is the high planter put above a stand. I haven't seen that grass in here, i think.

  3. Wait for it, I love this plant. I know I haven't grown before because I love the variegated plants. Will have to bookmark. Thanks.

  4. Toni - Nice to visit your blog, too. I bought that firecracker fountain grass last year, but they'd labeled it as a dwarf that only got 2-3 feet tall. I put is as an accent in a new bed and at the end of the season, had to transplant it elsewhere because it got 5-6' instead! But I do love its colors and it makes a great post for the 4th!

  5. I missed fireworks this year, sigh, but I love the ones you have here!!!

    P.S. Your heart is featured on this week's "Guest Heart Thursday" - because I LOVE it!!!

  6. Beautiful! And a perfect post for the 4th! Does it prefer full sun or part shade? I've been thinking about planting some ornamental grass, but having trouble identifying the best spot for it.

    1. Full sun is best for ornamental grasses; otherwise they flop and look trampled.

  7. I've seen that around and really love its vibrant foliage. It's sold here as an annual and I think I'll give it a try next summer. I like how exuberant it is. :o)

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    It sure look like a fireworks. I think I've seen that somewhere. i just can't remember where. Anyways. it's beautiful.

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  11. I have enjoyed your signature garden a lot!

    One day mine will reach that height also.

    What do you say?