Friday, December 16, 2011

Appreciating Foliage, Anticipating Blooms

We've had perfect weather the last few days.   
A nice slow soaking rain.  

What's so perfect about a rainy day in December?

Well, for one, the rain is helping to replenish our drought-stricken Texas gardens, although I know we have a long ways to go.

And secondly, this wonderful rain is exactly what my spring wildflowers need in order germinate this winter.

Yesterday as I strolled through my garden in the misty rain,  I was so excited to see the tiny leaves of the poppies, larkspur, and bluebonnets emerging from the dampened soil.

What starts out as this....

California Poppy


Somnifera Poppy


Will soon become this....

Awaiting the day when winter foliage becomes spring blooms

Join Pam @ Digging for this month's Foliage Follow-up

Toni :-)


  1. Yes! This rain is exactly what we need for wildflowers. It's heartening to see your wildflower foliage popping up. Thanks for joining in for Foliage Follow-Up!

  2. I really liked your way of looking at the Foliage Follow Up. You found the tiny leaves of things to come, then you showed the beautiful beds where they will blossom. Your property really is stunning and the wild flowers are quite remarkable. So happy you are getting the necessary rains. Last year was far too dry.

  3. Toni... I don't recall seeing your pond before... it's wonderful! Larry

  4. Hi Toni, I love the photos of the little seedlings getting started in your garden. I am a big fan of many of those same early spring bloomers. Very nicely done!

  5. The bones of your garden spaces in winter are what grab me most, but I agree that seeing all the basal foliage of the perennials looking good - same here, when I finally pulled some volunteer shrubs earlier!

    Ahh, the promise of spring getting watered...

  6. Your garden never fails to amaze me!! I love all those wildflowers! The rolling worm bin is pretty cool. I use a stacking Worm Chalet that works really well.

  7. After last year's beastly summer gardening fiasco, I'm feeling my first glimmer of excitement about the coming spring...after looking at your fantastic photos of your luscious garden beds. Thanks for stirring some optimism in my gardening soul again!

  8. What a wonderful peek at blooms to come! I'm so glad you're getting some needed rain. I'm sure your perennials are happy!

  9. Hey Toni

    What a sight for sore eyes is this charming post. I just thoroughly enjoyed it. A big thank you, Toni.

  10. Oh yes...isn't the anticipation for those just the best!

  11. Toni, I must visit more often, because I love the sweeping curves of your garden. The pond is nicely designed too. I must grow some annual poppies next year and someone has offered me some larkspur seed. The Blue Bonnets are gorgeous, but I do not think that they are hardy here.
    Have a great holiday Toni and all the best to you and your family for the New Year!


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