Wednesday, November 3, 2010

100 Plantings of Bulbs in a Bag

Here's a little bulb jingle sung to the tune of "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall," 
or for my English visitors "Ten Green Bottles."

100 plantings of bulbs in a bag
100 plantings of bulbs
Take one out, plant in the ground,
99 plantings of bulbs in a bag

Fast forward...

1 planting of bulbs in a bag
1 planting of bulbs
Take one out, plant in the ground
No more plantings of bulbs in a bag

Fast forward again :-)

100 blooms of bulbs in the spring
100 blooms of bulbs
Take a stroll, look at them bloom
100 blooms of bulbs in the spring!

photo courtesy of Marge Carpenter

photo courtesy of Marge Carpenter

Since I am still gimpy armed, my dear friend Renee came over today to help me plant all of these bulbs (and many more).   

How fun it will be to see their cheery faces next spring!!

For a great tip from Chris at Garden Sense on 
planting daffodils with daylilies, click here 

Happy bulb planting...

Toni :-)


  1. ROTFL! That song surely made the time past more quickly for you and your friend. : D You are lucky to be able to grow daffodils; they will not work for us here in my piece of the world. Back in my old Zone 7 garden, I did indeed have a massive display of golden daffodils mixed with Stella D'oro daylilies. Definitely caught the eyes of passersby.

    Can't wait to see your spring update....

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog, Toni, and greetings from Wisconsin! I wish I could plant my bulbs that fast, LOL, that was very quick! Now I just know that song will be going through my head while I plant mine this weekend. What color is the rock you saved from WI? I'm just curious...I've never met a rock I didn't like. Maybe you can convert your husband?? Nice to meet you! Karen

  3. So clever. The song is so true and without it time would drag. I am no fan of bulb planting and just completed over one hundred, so I can understand weary. But, spring rolls around and all is forgotten and all is appreciated.

  4. Every year, a hundred or so more. Daffodils here in Kansas are the only "mass" planting to reliably catch the eye; deer either eat the tulips or they get hit by late frosts or the wind whips them off before they can bloom well. Daffodils take it all and keep coming back.

  5. @Floridagirl: Glad you got a laugh out of this! Yes, I will surely have some spring blooms to show. Stay tuned :-)

    @Karen: The rock I saved from WI is reddish with layers. Looks kind of like red petrified wood. I've carried that rock across the country from WI to CO to TX!

    @gardenwalk: Yes, all of our hard work will pay off in blooms next spring. Can't wait to see the display!

    @Prof.Roush: Tulips don't work here in TX -- winters are too warm. Daffodils work great and are so cheerful to see as they usher in spring!! I feel like the little girl in The Secret Garden every spring when I see them popping up!

  6. hahaha! I hope you don't mind me bombarding you with all the comments today! It's kind of cold out and what else do I have to do.