Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bird's Eye View

I just wanted to share some pictures of my backyard 
taken from up above.

The 'Fire Dragon' Shantung Maple is in full autumn color,

 Check out Metro Maples website to find out about this wonderful tree!!

 Here's a view from down below

Here's a bird's eye view of one section 
of flagstone walkway I recently had installed. 

This represents approximately 3 tons 
out of the total 8 tons of rock added to our backyard.
All 65 flats of dwarf mondo have been planted, too!   
Woo hoo!!

Lord willing and my arm heals by this spring, 
I am planning to add to the landscape beds on each side of the walkway.  

I am sad that I missed out on some great fall planting weather, but alas, 
my arm injury persists and I am still the Gimpy Gardener
Boo hoo!!

 And a view from down below.

Although this was taken with my feet firmly planted on the ground, 
if I were a bird, I'd like to hang out here :-)

This is a picture of my neighbor's 'Natchez' Crape Myrtle 
in brilliant orange/yellow fall color.  

Even when every leaf is gone, 
this tree is still gorgeous with its cinnamon colored bark.

I hope you're enjoying your garden (or your neighbor's)
...from every view!

 Until next time... 

Toni :-)


  1. Toni, you have been very busy! I love the bird's eye view, and you have lucky birds who can live in such a glorious garden. The flagstone walkway is gorgeous, I love the curve to the path. And so is the Shantung maple. And 65 flats of grass?? Wow! Incredible, you have made me tired just thinking of all your hard work. You have earned a rest!

  2. Love the photos of your garden. The walkways look great. The before and after shot on the sidebar is amazing. Carolyn

  3. Fabulous. Especially the walkway softened by...thyme? moss? what's there?

  4. @Karen: Thanks for visiting! I don't believe in straight lines! I always try to do long, sweeping curves. Yes, 65 flats of mondo. That's -- count 'em -- 1,170 4-inch plants!! Now, I only planted about 15 of those flats so I can't take much credit for all of the hard work. I ended having to get help with the rest of it because of my arm. But at least it's done! Yea!!

    @Carolyn: Thanks for visiting my blog!! Love taking before & after photos. I'll have to scan in some old photos of our yard when it was nothin' but dirt so everyone can see the transformation.

    @ProfRoush: Thanks! The walkway has dwarf mondo planted between the stones (Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nana') -- 65 flats of it, 1,170 plants. Mondo is great for shady spots; only grows a couple inches tall. Moss does not do well in our Texas summers, and thyme needs more sun than this area gets. Each plant was planted a few inches apart, so in a couple years all the spaces will fill in completely.

  5. From above and from below, the garden photos are magnificent.
    Great planting compositions and great photography.

  6. What a wonderful landscape!! I wish I had that much space. Your yard/garden is gorgeous! What's wrong with your arms? Horrible garden gnome injury?

  7. Interesting blog.

    I keep a signature garden, in the Caribbean a plant collection not found in nurseries, that is the trick.

    with an inventory available for rigorous gardeners/botanists going beyond...the hole/dirt..

  8. I love you design, Toni, it was worth all your hard work. Your path turn out great.

  9. @gardenguru: Thanks for your very kind comments! I was lamenting the fact that some of the photos looked hazy and was wishing I had a better camera. My own worst critic, perhaps.

    @TS: All work and no play makes for a nice case of radial tunnel syndrome in one's right arm. 3 months (and counting) since official diagnosis; approx. 6 months since injury. Praying for healing -- and patience!!

    @antigonum: Thanks for visiting. Always fun to have passalong plants from friends, ones not readily found in nurseries.

    @gardenwalk: Thanks! I am so loving the path! So exciting when a design in your head comes to life. Next is bed prep and planting. Yea!!

  10. Wow, those birds-eye views are amazing! You have a very well-designed garden. I would die to have those flagstone paths! Love the Japanese maple! I must say, I have two 'Natchez' crapes and they don't color like that down here. Too bad...that's pretty awesome!

  11. Beautiful photos of your gardens! I love the bird's eye view - and the 'ground' views confirm that your design is just as impressive from that vantage point. The Mondo grass lookes great in the path!

  12. I am impressed with your garden and ...65 flats of dwarf mondo!!! Fantastic! I've never seen mondo grass used for this purpose! Great!

  13. @Floridagirl: Thanks for your comments! I've whittled away at my garden for 12 years now, adding a bed (or some project) every year. I'm running out of grass! Yes, the 'Natchez' CMs are wonderful every season, whether in bloom, fall color, or just bark!

    @Chris: Thanks for stopping by and leaving such nice comments! Makes one's hard work all worthwhile :-)

    @Tatyana: Thanks for visiting!! Yes, 65 flats! Craziness! So glad it's done. It will take at least a year to completely fill in, but it sure helps with weed control between the stones! This dwarf mondo does not grow taller than a couple inches, so it is ZERO maintenance, never needs mowing :-)

  14. If I were a bird sitting up on a branch overlooking your garden . . . I would chirp "Beautiful!!" Lush and lovely . . . your stonework is too. I love how your heron almost looks like a peacock with all the grassy tail feathers. Good luck with your arm!

  15. Thanks, Carol!! Always fun when there are happy accidents in the garden. I planted the grass, I placed the heron, and as the grass grew up around the heron, I realized that together they do look like a peacock! Pleasant surprise :-)

  16. That mondo grass and pathway are simply spectacular. Good job on planting it all!

  17. @Tina: Thanks! I can't take much credit for planting the mondo. I was only able to do a portion of it. I had to hire some of it out because of my arm injury. My husband was willing pay anything just so he didn't have to help with it! He said he'd rather vacuum the house than plant mondo. Can you imagine?!! I was sad that I had to hire it out, but at this point, I'm just glad it's done! I love the results :-)

  18. Toni, I am so impressed with the work you have done. Congratulations on getting all of the mondo grass planted! Your garden is very beautiful from up above, as well as down below. The Shantung maple is gorgeous along with the lovely greens and blues in your yard.

  19. Your garden is beautifully designed. The curved path was a great addition and well worth the effort of having it installed. Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your night out story. I really enjoyed reading it.

  20. Wow !!! You have a very beautiful garden.

  21. @debsgarden: Thanks for your comment! I keep whittling away at my lawn every year adding more beds. It's fun to look back and see the progression.

    @Jennifer: Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your nice comment :-) Yes, I think having the walkway installed turned out to be a good choice -- just wish it wasn't so pricey! Part of the reason I love doing everything myself is there's such a huge savings. Sometimes, though, I guess we have to submit to our limitations; and this time I had more money than muscle, so what's a girl to do!

  22. @Ellada: Thanks for the Wow!!! It put a smile on my face :-)

  23. I wish I lived next door Toni...then you could stand there and say "Eve...that goes there"...and I would be your hands for you! Just think of all the great things I would learn!
    Then we could write a poem about it! hahaha!