Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Gardener's Solstice Sentiments

'Twas four nights before Christmas
on the 21st of December
And what is this date
that gives pause to remember?

Why, it's the solstice of winter
for the northern hemisphere
It's the longest of nights,
and the shortest day all year

In the wee hours of the morning
there'll be an eclipse of the moon
but I'll be dreaming of springtime
in hopes it comes soon

Tonight as I'm nestled 
all snug in my bed
oh, what visions of springtime
will dance in my head

Though it's the first day of winter
let not the doldrums bring
for today starts the countdown
to the warmer days of spring

Oh, digging; oh, planting;
Oh, compost, and more!
Come daffodils, come perennials
Come spring I adore :-)

So let me exclaim
on this cold solstice night
I'll bide my time through this winter
for it's in spring I delight! 

By Toni @ Signature Gardens 12-21-10

Happy Winter Solstice everyone!  Stay warm :-)

(Oh, and happy Summer Solstice to my Southern Hemisphere friends -- stay cool!)

Toni :-)


  1. I like your sentiments in a poem. Your photo is quite seasonal too and works good with 'all snug in my bed'! I really can relate to the second to last stanza and it is only December for gosh sakes. Not ready for the digging yet, though, too much snow to dig right now. Enjoyable this morning, I got a smile first thing, thanks.

    We must think alike... did you see my gnome "Twas" poem? Drop in, if you can. Merry Christmas.

  2. Perfect poem to celebrate the 21st of December! I too am biding my time 'til spring. I had so longed for a mild winter...but not too be. So true though...this is the darkest of days, and it only gets better from here. : D

  3. I love the poem! I'm with you that the first day of winter equals the countdown to spring. I've been looking at seed catalogs and thinking about changes I want to make in the garden.

  4. I enjoyed your little poem. Have a great Christmas holiday and all the best for the new year.
    P. S. Gosh your front garden looks amazing in the previous post!!

  5. Hi Everyone,
    Glad you liked the poem :-) Onward to spring!!

  6. Toni that was so cute ! .. I loved the picture too! .. I was disappointed we had constant cloud cover so I wasn't able to catch a shot of the moon .. moon shots are tricky as it is but I would have loved to have seen this moon !
    Joy : )
    PS Our kitties can snuggle some people right out of bed ! hahaha

  7. A Perfect Gardener's Christmas poem!