Thursday, December 30, 2010

Seasons of Change (Backyard)

In an earlier post, I showed some of the seasonal changes in my front garden.   Now let's move to the backyard.

Backyard View


The backyard is lush with bright spring growth.  Dwarf Yaupon Hollies line the flagstone path leading to the pond.   Japanese maples dot the landscape under the canopy of a large American Elm and native Post Oaks.


The summer scenery changes slightly.  Hydrangeas are in bloom, ornamental grasses have filled out, and the Japanese maple color has subdued.


Autumn brings another pallet of colors to the back garden.  The maples are bright with reds and oranges, the elms and oaks have lost their leaves, ornamental grasses have taken on their fall color.


A snow-laden garden is a rare sight in my garden, but when it does happen, the view is magical -- if only for a brief time.

I thought the crape myrtle in this picture and the ones behind the pond (next set of pictures) would snap from the weight of snow.  But they just took a bow and gracefully stood right back up when the snow melted.


Here are those crape myrtles standing tall during the summer.

Birdhouse View

Summer Phlox, Rudbeckia 'Goldstrum', Salvia guaranitica, 'King Humbert' Canna, Turk's Cap, 'Tropical Giant' Spider Lily, and Virginia Sweetspire 'Little Henry'  surround the base of the birdhouse.

Garden Angel



Spring Maples

Autumn Maples

For other views of the Japanese Maples, click here

The "peacock" crane changes his "plumage" from season to season.

As 2010 draws to a close, I hope you're taking some time out of this busy season to appreciate your garden, 
or to dream about what it will be... 
next season.

What plans do you have for your garden in the new year?

Happy New Year!
Toni :-)


  1. Gorgeous garden and photos. An enjoyable tour through the seasons and I do remember the 'peacock'. He looks goo with a change of clothes.

  2. Another delightful post Toni! Your garden has so much interest in forms and colors that change through the seasons. I love the little angel and your peacock of course. Your Maples and dwarf Hollies are seasonally striking too. Beautiful gardens and unique features. Happy New Year! May all of your dreams come true in 2011!

  3. I'm really glad to be able to follow your blog... everything is absolutely wonderful and such a pleasure to see! Larry

  4. Donna and Carol, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments! Happy New Year! Looking forward to your blogs in the new year.

    LC, so glad you found my blog and are enjoying it! Makes all the hard work worthwhile :-) Looking forward to reading your blog in the new year, too! Stay warm in the Great White North!

  5. You have a real talent Toni! Your garden is beautiful throughout the year. I'll be coming back for inspiration. Happy New Year! p.s. haven't forgotten the recipe - waiting for company to leave to get things back to normal! Will send soon.

  6. Your garden is magnificent - and in all seasons. Really enjoyed "touring" it.

  7. Hi Cat! What a nice thing to say!! I always question my "talent." In the book "So You Want to be a Garden Designer," the author talks about the "imposter syndrome." Since I don't have a landscape design degree behind my name, I question whether I am the "real deal." But, hey, I enjoy my garden and others seem to enjoy it, and people like you say such nice things, so that's good enough for me :-) And P.S. can't wait for the recipe!

  8. RBell: Thanks for dropping by on the tour and leaving such a nice comment! Happy blogging in the new year :-)

  9. You have a beautiful place in all seasons! I enjoy tours like this.

  10. hello Toni, a lovely post you have a really nice garden, happy new year and best wishes for 2011, Frances

  11. Wow, your backyard is like my dream garden. I don't think I could ever replicate such views here. And I'm very much enamored by your stone path...another dream of mine. I really love all the photos. I imagine you have a tough time choosing a favorite season.

  12. @Corner Gardener Sue: Thanks for visiting. So glad you enjoyed the tour!

    @Island Threads: Happy New Year to you, too, Frances. Thanks for your kind comment!

    @Floridagirl: Sure you could replicate my garden. All it takes is 12 years, tons of compost, and a lot of back breaking, arm hurting work! Tee hee. Thanks for your nice comment! I'm sure loving that new path, as well. So glad it's done :-) It was in my dreams for a couple years before it got done. Dreams do come true :-)

  13. Both front and back are beautiful Toni. I aspire to continue transforming my gardens into such works of art!

  14. Your landscape is gorgeous through all the seasons. You have truly created a touch of paradise! The fall colors are especially spectacular. I am sure your garden brings you and others a lot of pleasure. I also enjoyed your snow pictures in this post, as well as your previous one. I think having a rare snow is the best of all worlds. We appreciate it more and it doesn't create extra work and hazards for weeks or months, like it does in some places.

  15. Your backyard is gorgeous! The pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Stunning gardens. Really enjoyed going through them. Will be doing lots of photos of mine this year too but this was a nice way to spend a day in February.
    Goldenray Yorkies