Monday, February 7, 2011

A Super Bowl Week of Winter

Like all the big game hype, the snow is quickly melting away as the temperatures got back into the 50s over Super Bowl weekend, but I wanted to share just a few more shots of my snowy winter garden....before it's all gone.


This garden figurine looks as though she's tucked under a white blanket  ....

or maybe a young lady taking a curtsy in a white dress?


The garden fairy wonders how this pile of snow landed in her lap and right on top of her book!

This worker ant wonders if he will get another snow day... 
or if he can finally go back to work

Snow-capped mushrooms with icicle earrings

And snow-capped seed heads of Ligularia
I love the snow-scalloped edges of the pond
The waterfall continues to flow even in the freezing temps

Ornamental grasses seem even more graceful

And the DD Blanchard Magnolia seems all the more majestic...

...when dusted with snow

 The "bones" of the boulder curve I installed last year are starting to show
as the snow beings to melt.

Weeping Yaupon

Winter berries are a pop of color against the snow
Possumhaw Holly

Nandina domestica

Snow gauge?

 Just how many inches did we get?

A dusting of snow ...

And then a few inches more

As the Super Bowl moves out, another "strong arctic cold front" is forecast to move through North Texas on Wednesday, with "wintry precipitation likely." 

Maybe the winning (yea!) Packer fans ought to stick around awhile longer -- 
they might just feel right at home :-) 


Toni :-)


  1. same weather up North...but at least your pond is still running...lovely pictures especially the red berries...

  2. The image of your pond with the grasses is so iconic of winter interest. It looks like a postcard image, so pretty.Your holly is made for the snow, like two peas in a pod. What a treat to get a little snow dusting in winter for you Texans.

  3. Love all those images of snow sitting in your yard art. You have a lot of winter interest in your garden. Yes, she does look like a girl curtsying in a white dress...

  4. This is a winter for the books Toni and you really are making the best of it by documenting all these beautiful scenes! I love the little girls with their snow blankies!!!

  5. I love the contrast of the green leaves of the magnolia and the pretty. Your garden is just enhanced by the snow, making things even more beautiful!

  6. I think Garden Rant should look at all the winter interest in your "small" garden, and she would change her mind that there was no such thing. Beautiful. Carolyn

  7. Beautiful images here...those berries look even more bright in the snow!!

  8. I am lovin' the little glimpses of yard art especially the little worker ant.

  9. I was happy to see the Packers win too! Not a Steelers fan at all ;) Your pond is so pretty with the snow!

  10. Toni, your garden has so much winter interest; it is really lovely! I understand why you are enjoying your snow for it certainly won't be around for much longer. I enjoyed all your yard art too. It was great to see the Packers win!

  11. Toni: I didn't realize you had that much snow and that it's sticking around. Unusual, huh? Of course, all of us here in Wisconsin are thrilled about the Packers' victory. I was a little preoccupied for a few days. Now back to garden blogging. :) --Beth

  12. Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by :-) Our winter wonderland has faded fast. Just remnants of snow left in the shady spots now. Just in time for another blast this week? Guess we will all just have to wait and see.

  13. Toni, your garden looks beautiful blanketed in snow! I love the scalloped edges around the pond. There's something about snow that makes everything seem quieter and more peaceful. Your photos captured that beautifully!

  14. I love the red berries against the white snow! Snow is a bit of a novelty in your area isn't it? I'm glad you were able to take photos to document.

  15. I just love those winter berries! They look so striking in the winter, particularly when there is snow on the ground. everything looks so pretty with its snow blanket on in your yard.

  16. We are suppose to have nice weather this week. It is amazing how quickly it changes!
    On my latest post, I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. :)

  17. Dear Toni, I am weary of snow scenes until seeing yours. Your sculptures and waterfall are fun and stunning. The red from the berries is just gorgeous in the landscape. We are getting a February thaw too! Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day. Carol

  18. Hi Toni, Your garden looks lovely even covered with snow.I like the mushrooms with the icicle earrings.