Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hope Grows A Little More Each Day

Hanni of Sweet Bean Gardening has started a meme called Hope Grows Day where we can share what we are looking forward to in our gardens in the coming weeks.

So what am I looking forward to in my garden?

In a word, pretty much EVERYTHING!  

It is spring in North Texas, after all.   

The grass is growing, the birds are singing, and the daffodils are blooming

*  *  *
"To cherish a desire with anticipation"

*  *  *

I recently planted this 'Forest Pansy' Redbud in my back garden.  While I am enjoying the magenta blooms right now,  I am looking forward to its beautiful heart-shaped maroon leaves soon to follow.

I just learned about a number of new Redbuds soon to hit the market.  

Ace of Hearts
Burgundy Hearts
Lavender Twist
Hearts of Gold
The Rising Sun
Appalachian Red  

'Burgundy Hearts' is touted as a "vast improvement" over 'Forest Pansy' because it holds its maroon color better throughout the season.

'The Rising Sun' is a small redbud with lime green foliage and golden-orange new growth, only growing 8 to 12 feet tall.   I think hope is growing that I have the perfect spot in my garden for a little 'Rising Sun' :-)

*  *  *
Last fall I added a 'Peaches 'n Cream' Japanese Maple to my maple collection in the backyard, so I am looking forward to the beautiful reticulate leaves unfolding in shades of cream, pink, and green.

*  *  *
And welcoming back some faithful bloomers, I am also anticipating the beautiful display of spring wildflowers that reseed in my garden every year. 

Larkspur, Somnifera Poppy, California Poppy, and Bluebonnets may not be too exciting right now, but in a month they will be putting on the colorful show I look forward to every spring.

Somnifera Poppy
California Poppy

 *  *  *
 A N T I C I P A T I O N 
"expectant waiting; the feeling of looking forward, 
usually excitedly or eagerly, to something that is going to happen"

 *  *  *
Texas translation:   
I am so excited about spring!  
I can't wait to see what's fixin' to happen in my garden!!!

Hope grows just a little more each day in my garden.  How 'bout yours?

Expectantly waiting...

Toni :-)


  1. Toni, This is such an exciting time of year. Right now the big excitement here is that some bare ground can be seen, and even some daffodil foliage! Wish we could grow your wonderful bluebonnets here.

  2. I'm lovin it Toni!! So many beautiful sights to come!

  3. Eeek, how did I miss this Toni? What happy signs of spring...I tried growing TX bluebonnets last year, but I don't think they liked the trip up North and promptly died. :) I look forward to seeing yours!

  4. Loved your post!

    And yes! Hope is growing... even all the way up in PA Zone 5! It is hard to wait, but sweeter in the anticipation. My last post is a sister post to yours (

    Amazing how a little sunshine can make things jump into bloom. Glad to have found your blog!

    Thanks, Julie

  5. Toni, thanks for the tip about 'Burgandy hearts' redbud. I actually have a 'Forest pansy' redbud in my yard, and I've wished it would keep it's beautiful burgandy color all year...not just when it first leafs out. I can't wait to see pictures of your 'Peaches and Cream' Japanese maple! Do Japanese maples grow well in your hot, drier climate?
    P.S. I'm a southern girl at heart...grew up in Louisiana. I know all about FIXIN!!!

  6. I'm looking forward to everything, too! So much just starting - it's very exciting!

  7. Toni, how nice to see your plants growing already. Things here are still under snow. I had no idea there were so many cultivars of redbud trees. I look forward to seeing more of your garden as it progresses.

  8. Such a great post Toni! The anticipation is building and I'm loving it! Can't wait to see what your garden is fixin to do either...especially that peaches and cream Japanese maple...

  9. Toni you have a lot of exciting things about to happen in your garden! I am looking forward to seeing your red bud and the peaches and cream maple.

  10. Love your post Toni. Great to see everything sprouting there. ANTICIPATION....can't wait to play in the dirt again! Enjoy your Redbud. They are gorgeous!

  11. It is such a lovely post. Redbuds are wonderful trees, they are in bloom here already, they are such a joy to see. I loved your before and after pictures on the sidebar. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  12. I just purchased a rising sun redbud. Do they really, really mean it when the manufacturer say's plant in full sun? Or is the the more gentle sun from places out east? Will the leaves get scorched on the edges if it gets too much sun?