Sunday, March 20, 2011

Long-Awaited Spring

March 20th marks the date
for the long-awaited season
when gardeners smile again
for many a good reason

The days are getting longer,
just what a gardener needs
It's time to do some diggin'
and time to plant some seeds

The grass is growing greener
The leaves and buds have burst
To get another freeze right now
would surely be the worst

So gone are winter's blues and cold
We're sending sadness flinging
Just feel the warmth of springtime's sun
And hear the songbirds singing

We'll enjoy every gardening minute
when there's dirt beneath our nails
There's nothing else we'd rather do,
for in comparison all else pales

(by Toni @ Signature Gardens)

Happy First Day of Spring!

 a day without dirt under your nails
is like a day without sunshine

Toni :-)


  1. SO true! I love your poems! We are in the spring time mode too Toni! Yippeee!

  2. A beautiful tribute to spring! Your spring happenings are much further along. The spirea is gorgeous. Happy first day of spring to you too!

  3. @Eve: Spring is springing, isn't it! So fun :-) Just had to put spring to rhyme.

    @Lisa: That is a double blooming bridal wreath. I got it in honor of my mother-in-law when she passed away several years ago in March. I saw the bridal wreaths blooming everywhere during that time, so I got one to remind me of her every March when it blooms. Just love the blooms and the cascading nature of the shrub. Thanks for visiting! Happy Spring :-)

  4. Oh yes, how everything else pales in comparison. My husband was looking at my hands today on the way to church. He asked me what happened to them. I had been dividing my water plants in the thick clay left a bit of a stain! It's my gardening tattoo ;)

  5. I'm afraid we had a false start... a week of cold temps and possible snow coming our way... At least there hasn't been much developing that can be damaged even with the lows being a projected 12 degrees! L

  6. @Cat: Love it! From the pic on your blog, it looks like your water plants were happy with the division. Your dirty hands were worth it (aren't they always!) :-)

    @Larry: 12 degrees! Yikes. Hang in there. Just keep looking at those July lilies :-) That will warm your heart!

  7. Like Larry, I'm disappointed that those of us in the north will have a week of cooler temps -- highs in the 30s for the next week. After an extended period of spring weather in early March, this will be tough. But visiting your blog and others celebrating spring will help!

  8. Toni, Love your poem, it brought a much-needed smile to my face.

    Your spring is coming along beautifully, so pretty. Ours is on hold here awhile, but better late than never, right?

  9. Cute poem! I have tons of dirt under my fingernails! Must be why I'm so happy!

  10. @PlantPostings & Karen: My WI blogging friends, stay warm this week for winter's last blast. Then hopefully spring will come your way to stay.

    Thanks for the visit, Professor!

    @HolleyGarden: Glad you liked my poem. Yea for dirt under your nails!!! Keep up the good work :-)

  11. I love: signature of God written on flowers!! Oh, yeah! & a day without dirt under your nails
    is like a day without sunshine- that is why Im getting so anxious & impatient. I NEED more sunshine! Looking forward to more of your posts.

  12. Your spring flowers are delightful, and I enjoyed the poem! Our last official frost date here is in mid April, but it is hard to imagine a freeze now. It would be awful! Everyone around here is wearing summer clothes.

  13. Spring is looking beautiful in your garden! There's nothing blooming in my garden yet but little radishes emerging through the soil...nothing colorful though. It's true... you can definitely spot a gardener by looking at their hands and nails. Keep enjoying your Spring!

  14. I love this poem! I loved seeing your pictures of spring flowers too. We had a perfect spring day here, so nice to know winter is in the past and sunshine is in our future.

  15. You have a way with words. 2 timothy 4:2

  16. Toni, what a cheerful post! You made me smile, and I love the little poem!

  17. Lovely poem and blooms Toni. Here winter is not aware of the calendar. Alas. Happy Spring to you!

  18. Love your post with all your spring blooms. So pretty! Happy Spring to you!

  19. Toni, what a good poem, it brought a little smile imagining the spring arriving to your Texas garden. Still snowing here a bit, but it is on the way out again by the end of the week.

  20. Dear Toni, you are a great poet! Even though it is autumn here, I celebrate with you the start of spring, and I hope you have finished with the cold weather for the time being. cheers, cm

  21. Thanks so much for the smiles you bring! As soon as the daylight hits my ground there will be dirt under my fingernails!!

  22. Love all your great close ups of the flowers! I finally got to work in my yard last Saturday! It was wonderful- even though my body wasnt feeling wonderful that night. It was great to have my nails full of dirt and even planted some new bulbs!!
    Happy Spring to you!