Monday, April 25, 2011

An Alphabet for April (E-H)

is for Eupatorium rugosum 'Chocolate'  

Although this plant blooms in late summer, early autumn, the foliage is beautiful this month.  And besides, any plant with the name Chocolate is a winner in my book :-)


is for the fabulous foliage of Farfugium

I have five different varieties of this great shade plant.

Farfugium used to be called Ligularia, and the common name is Leopard Plant, which is fitting for this spotted variety, 'Aureomaculatum'

This Green Leopard Plant has no spots

This beautifully variegated variety is
'Kaimon Dake'

Farfugium 'Giganteum' has giant leaves

'Shishi Botan' has curly leaves

is for the green, green grass of home

A few weeks ago we top-dressed the lawn with compost.  
Click here to see the "before" pictures.

is for happiness

My arm is finally 100% healed, so I am back to diggin' in the dirt :-)
I am no longer a gimpy gardener -- just a happy one with dirt under my nails!

a day without dirt under your nails is like a day without sunshine.

To see the Alphabet for April (A-D) post, click here

Who knows what the rest of the alphabet will bring...

Toni :-)


  1. So glad to see you with dirt under your nails again! Your garden is beautiful and looks to be thriving with all your hard work.

    Thanks for asking about my family. Both are recuperating and getting lots of speech and physical therapy. Happy belated Easter!

  2. Know you're north of me (which equals at least a little cooler nights and a drop more of rain) - so do your Leopard Plants require any extra care (especially water)?

  3. Top-dressing really greened up your lawn! I'll have to try that sometime. I'm glad your arm is all healed. Nothing like digging in the dirt!

  4. So happy you are all healed! Your garden is looking fabulous. I have seen Leopard Plants at my local Botanical Garden and find them interesting with their big leaves. I love the Shishi Botan for its curly leaves and the name is awesome too! You must have the greenest lawn in all of Texas.

  5. It is hard to keep up with all the name changes. Ligularia was fine with me. The leaves do make a statement in a garden and are a nice touch. The top dressing did wonders in your lawn. Here it is raining so much the grass is really greening up, what little I have.

  6. glad you're better, the garden is looking great. My fave is the chocolate that doesn't have any calories - lol.

  7. I too understand how you miss working in the garden when injured. I'm still there. However, my shoulder surgery recuperation is going quite well, and my other arm is becoming quite talented. Our cool spring weather is stretching our spring.

  8. Your lawn surround by your gardens are just lush, lush, lush!

  9. A beautiful alphabet garden!! So glad your hand is getting dirty again!!

  10. I love, love the farfugium! Someone gave me what he called ligularia this past winter. It was dormant, and so far it remains so. Now that I know what it could look like, i really hope it comes up! But I'm about to give up. I will buy a new one!

    I am glad your arm is well! Happy Gardening!

  11. Your lawn looks fabulous, Toni! I love love the picture of dirt underneath the fingernails! That's pretty much what my hands look like every day now! But I'm so glad you're back playing in the dirt! Love the alphabet garden too :) You've got lots to photograph and blog about. Thanks for sharing :)

  12. I love eupatorium 'Chocolate'! I have a lot of it in my garden since it self-seeds so readily. I've seen Leopard plant but have never grown it. It reminds me of ginger. Great post!!! I'm looking forward to the next installment. :o)

  13. Toni - I just love your garden design; it inspires me to push myself out of my comfort zone and cut out more garden in the front yard! "Chocolate" is always the best - whether the snacking kind or the planting kind!

    Congrats on being back to 100% (nice recovery - excellent photo)!

  14. Glad you are all healed. It's difficult not being able to work in the garden. Your photos are beautiful and I love your post!