Thursday, May 19, 2011

When a Garden Blogger Gets Busy

When a garden blogger gets busy
She has no time for posting
For landscapes need completing
before temperatures start to roasting

There's plans that need a drawing
and plants to go in ground
But time for garden blogging
just never can be found

Seems scores of other projects
keep getting in her way
May 15th even passed her by,
the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

There's dirt beneath her nails
as the sun shines long and bright
Yet she longs to blog again
when time is not so tight

So pictures are in waiting
and info is on hold
Just hoping that her following
does not grow dry and cold

a day without dirt under your nails is like a day without sunshine :-)

Until I blog again...
Toni :-)


  1. Agreed. I'm grateful people aren't posting as much as well--I don't have time to read.

  2. Your post echoes my sentiments exactly, Toni! I've been so busy in the garden that I'm way behind in my blogging, both posting and reading and responding! Thanks for taking a little of the guilt off my shoulders :)

  3. Hi Toni,
    I love your little poem and know just what you mean. I was too busy for GBBD as well. I have also been posting more erratically, as I struggle to get a handle on my garden. Spring arrived late this year and I am well behind were I usually am in May. I do not think we are alone though. I noticed that most garden bloggers have been a bit more quite than usual. Soon enough we will all be trading battle stories, both loses and victories.

  4. Toni, I miss your posts. I understand that when there is a window of opportunity, planting cannot be delayed. Unfortunately, with our cool, wet weather, we've had to delay planting our gardens. I think we now have a Portland or Seattle climate. Really? Utah is supposed to be the second driest state in the U.S.

  5. I understand how challenging it can be. It has been a challenge to garden, write, photograph, post and get the garden ready for the season. Have a great time off!

  6. Toni like you and the other commenters I know just what you mean, love the poem and the enticing photos, the only reason I'm reading is our weather has gone wet and very windy this last 2 weeks, I'm glad I joined wordless Wednesday this year as I do at least post one photo a week, have fun but don't work too hard, Frances

  7. Hi Everyone,

    Well, it sounds like I'm in good company! Gardeners have to "make hay while the sun shines," so the blogging has to take a back seat now and then. My schedule will be much easier in June, so I can get back to posting again. What a great problem to have, though...being busy enjoying what I do so much that I don't have time to do something else I enjoy too. Blessings abound :-)

  8. Thanks, Toni. Yes, feeling the same way. I fear my posts are less creative these days and I'm getting a little sloppy (not researching the plants enough before I post). So, I appreciate your sentiments and I love your poem!

  9. I completely understand and barely have time one time a week to blog...those that blog more I cannot keep up with reading since I am outside when not at work...been a crazy spring and now so much to do...we will see you blogging again Toni and we will stay loyal readers...fab poem..

  10. Blog hopping & just came across your darling gardening blog...I host a garden party on Thursdays & would love to have you link up sometime???? xoxo, tracie

  11. loving your blog even when you have 'nothing' to say! ha! enjoy your summer! I am enjoying my garden coming more alive each day! cleaning up and completing!

  12. Never enough time to play in the garden. Love your poem-it says it all and I relate completely! Enjoy your time gardening and doing what you love.

  13. Toni - you made my day!! Kindred garden spirits unite!! Hoo-rah!

    (I'm inside blogging today because it's raining buckets...tomorrow, back the the weeds, thriving in my gardens as we speak.) ;)

  14. Great poem and how true. It is a tough time of year to keep up with everything. Running on empty is my motto.

  15. It sounds like many of us are in the same boat. Your poem says it all!

  16. Toni you've said it so well for all of us! Looking forward to reconnecting when summer comes and things slow down a bit...happy gardening!

  17. I could use this poem just about now....I'm an elementary school teacher and tomorrow we start our busiest 3 months. Too bad for the garden...somehow it will have to manage on its own(and it will).