Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Grass Guy

Looking for a fun project to do with your kids 
on a cold (or warm) winter day?

Here's what you need to get started:

Knee-high pantyhose
Rye grass seed
      (about a tablespoon)
Potting soil
      (about a cup)
Tiny rubber bands
Google eyes
Pipe Cleaners
Craft Glue
Mason jar

Step 1:  Put about a tablespoon of rye grass seed in the toe of the knee-high pantyhose (this grass seed becomes the "hair" when it sprouts)

Step 2:  Put about a cup of potting soil into the knee-high on top of the grass seed.   Put in enough soil to form about a softball size "head"

Step 3:  Tie the pantyhose in a knot just below the soil ball.  Leave the long tail (it becomes a wick)

Step 4:  To form ears, pinch a small amount of soil and pantyhose and put a rubber band around it; repeat on other side.   Follow the same step to form a nose.

Step 5:  Glue on google eyes, button for nose, pipe cleaner for a mouth.  Allow glue to dry before proceeding to the next step.

Step 6:  Soak the top of the soil ball (and grass seed) in water for a few minutes until the soil becomes moist.  Then fill the mason jar with water, and put the "tail" of the pantyhose down into the water.   The tail will wick water up into the soil ball keeping it moist.   Refill the jar with water as needed.

Step 7:  Place your Grass Guy in a sunny location, and watch his "hair" grow!

Here's Grass Guy as a "newbie"
Isn't he cute :-)

After about a week, we have "hair"
He's still a cute little "sprout" :-)

Here he is in his adolescent years

They grow up so fast!

Having a bad hair day

Oops, looks like a little MPB is setting in

Time for the compost pile?

"I'm watching you!"

 Have fun!!

Toni :-)


  1. Toni, I did this project with my now 13 year old daughter when she was 3. She loved it! I highly recommend this fun creation!

  2. Adorable!!!!! I'm going to do this the next time the grandchildren come to visit! Love it!

  3. Very cool. Dennis Rodman would be flattered!

  4. Cute! That is a great project for this time of year!

  5. This is so cute Toni and looks to be a great project for kids. But my cat would give Grass Guy a crewcut.

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