Saturday, March 31, 2012

Heads and Tails

Okay.  Can somebody please tell me what happened to March?

In my last post I was anxiously awaiting spring's arrival, and here it is already the tail end of March!  I've been so busy with work that I can hardly keep my head above water.  

And  I can't seem to make heads nor tails out of the crazy weather we've had this year.   Winter was more like spring, and now spring is starting to feel a whole lot like summer.  

I sure hope we are not headed for another summer like last year!    If I think too much about the summer of 2011, I might go into a tailspin and get my tail feathers in a ruffle, so I just need to keep my head on straight and enjoy this Spring before it passes me by.

While I've been working my tail off,  my garden has been blooming its head off.   So let's head out to the garden and show you what's been going on.

The wildflowers are putting on their annual show.



California Poppies

Somnifera Poppies

Pink Bluebonnets

More spring blooms...

'Tahiti' Daffodil

Bearded Iris

Ox-Eye Daisy

Lots of lush new growth in the front perennial garden.  
The fountain is bubbling again after a winter break :-)

The maples in the backyard are full of spring color.

I will show more pictures in the coming days, but right now my tail is dragging after another long day of gardening, and I need to lay my weary head down to sleep.

Would you like to bet it's going to be a great year for gardening?   
What'll it be.....Heads or tails?

Until next time...

Toni :-)


  1. Good to see you back Toni... wondered where you'd been! Larry

  2. Fun post. I'm with you in trying to make heads or tails of this incredible, but somewhat frightening, spring weather!

  3. Toni, I hear you and agree wholeheartedly! I don't know where March went and April is a month that always seems to slip through my fingers like quicksilver, too.

    I SO hope you never have another summer like last year, I cannot imagine that. Your garden is stunning, just gorgeous!

  4. It definitely feel like summer here. Hot, humid, with thunderstorms. No telling what summer will be like in August! Your garden is looking fresh, with all the pretty unspoiled potential of spring. I love all of your poppies! I look forward to seeing your new bridge, and I hope yours is easier to put together than mine was!

  5. Cute post! I'm worried about how hot it will get this summer. It seems like spring lasted one day before hot weather set in! Your garden is looking lush and green and beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen pink bluebonnets! I didn't recognize them as a bluebonnet!

  6. Your spring garden is beautiful! I'm in for a break after raking/sweeping up oak leaves and's a mess out there but always happy for the trees in the summer! I'm not sure where March went either. Seemed I had plenty of gardening time on my hands in Feb but then, poof, it was gone. It's hot out there today. I've got some plants to get in the ground but I fear it's too hot. May wait until later this evening so they'll get a bit of a break before tomorrow's heat...Gardening in Texas is not for wimps!

  7. Toni I am just getting back to Blotanical and some blogs...missed your blog and so lovely to see your gardens...our spring started hot and my wish came true..we are back to cool/cold weather...very seasonable...loving the slow walk through spring...wishing you a lovely garden season!

  8. I've decided I'm going to have a great year of gardening, regardless of the weather. I've put in two new beds, bought a bunch of new pots, added some artsy touches, and redesigned a large chunk of the back and front gardens. The garden already looks so much better. I really hope you have a cooler/moister summer than you did last year! You deserve it!! I'm glad your spring flowers survived. They look great.

  9. Funny post about tails. But March did do a tail-flop. The end was snowy and earlier it was 80°. I love your poppies. I really have to bring them back to my garden.

  10. YOU’RE BACK! I’ve missed reading your blog. I’m so happy to see your garden again. Wonderful Photos! WOW, Ox-eye Daisys already? Mine haven’t bloomed yet. So looking forward to more photos!

  11. I know what you mean about the crazy weather. Yesterday it was a high of 93 and Friday it shows a high of 66! I'm afraid we are in for a hot summer too and feel rushed to try to get all the garden work done before then. I do hope you get rain this year and not have a repeat of last year!

    Your gardens are just beautiful!!! Just packed with plants I love it!

  12. Heads - Your garden looks beautiful.
    Tails - Your garden looks beautiful.
    Your garden looks beautiful.

  13. You have very beautiful flowers! It does not matter if you choose heads or tails, they'll be great looking anyway! You have a lovely collection of plants in your garden.

  14. I hope those tornadoes didn't make it to Grapevine!!! Are you all ok?

    1. Thankfully the tornadoes passed Grapevine by. We got very heavy rain, but no hail. We are very grateful, but my heart goes out to so many impacted in our area. Thanks for checking on us!

  15. Love those poppies! I'm happy with the weather up here in Canada for now. We had some crazy warm weather just as we were taking possession of our land, and I was pushing to get too much done at once, but now it has cooled back to almost normal. The only problem is that there wasn't a very long maple sap season, and I am afraid the maple syrup will be expensive this year.

    1. I was just talking to my folks in Wisconsin last week about the short maple sap season this year. It only lasted about a week in WI. I was thinking the same thing -- syrup is going to be like liquid gold this year!