Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What's Bloomin' - October 2013

 Welcome to my garden...

It's Garden Bloggers 
Bloom Day!

Let's see what's bloomin'

October is one of my favorite months in my garden.  It is like a second spring in Texas.  The blooms intensify in color in response to the cooler temps and a little bit of rain.

Here are a few wide shots of the front perennial garden to get us started.

 Above is my favorite view off my front porch.

Moving in a little closer...

Annual 'Cora' vincas in the hellstrip are still going strong across the sidewalk from the perennials... salvias, lantana, canna, purple heart, zexmenia, 'Lindheimer's' muhly grass, 'Katie's' Ruellia.

The blue Salvia 'May Night' in the foreground really seems to appreciate the milder temps of spring and fall.   The zexmenia, purple heart, salvias, and lantana behind could care less about the triple digits of summer.

My garden would not be complete without my favorite Salvia greggii 
exploding with hot pink blooms in the fall.   

 Leading up to the entry, more zexmenia and salvia greggii, along with 'Karley Rose' Fountaingrass, 'King Humbert' Canna, annual melampodium, and 'Henry Duelberg' salvia

At the entryway, the 'John Fanick' Phlox puts out the last of its blooms, Wood Ferns are hugging the fountain, and the 'Carolyn Wharton' Caladiums do surprisingly well in this area that gets more sun than I would think the caladiums would like. 
The 'Lindheimer's' Muhly Grass raises its tall plumes in praise of fall :-)

 Mexican Bush Sage has just started blooming this month.  I just planted another one in my garden this week because I just love these velvety purple spikes next to the bright pink salvia greggii.
I just transplanted a deep red Salvia darcyi (Salvia oresbia) near the Lindheimer's Muhly grass and Mexican Bush Sage.   I hope it survives the transplant!   I love the punch of red next to the purple blooms and gray/green foliage.

 Last fall I tried a little experiment and transplanted some garlic chives in spots where I grow daylilies.    I thought since the foliage is similar, I would try growing the two together to extend the bloom in these daylily areas.

I'm happy to report that the experiment worked!    

The daylilies bloomed during the summer, and the garlic chives put on a good show this fall.    I just recently cut off the blooms of the garlic chives as they were going to seed, and I don't want garlic chives all over the place.
Summer daylilies

Garlic Chives in the fall

I just could not be more pleased with the progress on the hellstrip plantings.
Fall aster is in full bloom this month.    
Such a shame that this plant does not bloom longer! 

The golden oregano is starting to increase in size.
 Earlier in the summer the 'Elfin' Thyme was suffering as it was trying to get established, but it has made a rebound this fall and has really started spreading around the flagstones at the curb.
The 'Helen von Stein' Lamb's Ear and 'Hameln' Fountaingrass 
add nice texture to the plantings

 In the backyard, a few red spider lilies popped up this fall.   I transplanted about 20 bulbs a couple years ago, so I was hoping for a better show.  
Maybe next year?

I have always grown Turk's Cap in my shady backyard, but I have started adding more of it to my front perennial beds as the trees are creating more part sun/part shade areas.    It certainly blooms better with a little more sun. 

 Another bulb, the Oxblood Lily blooms are short lived 
but cheerfully announce the arrival of fall.  

Another sure sign that fall is here 
is when the Mexican Mint Marigold begins to bloom.

The green beans I planted last month are blooming and have just started producing tiny beans.   I missed planting my spring crop of beans, so I am really looking forward to having fresh green beans for dinner soon!

The Cubanelle peppers produced like gangbusters this summer
 and are still going strong!  
How's that for some fall color :-)

Water lilies...
floating on the water below 
and sprinkled with water from the heavens today :-)

I am so grateful for the wonderful slow soaking rains we've had for the last couple days here in North Texas.   Should make for a nice wildflower show next spring!

To enjoy more blooms around the world, visit Carol @ May Dreams Gardens.

Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

Toni :-)


  1. Your gardens are amazing! I too am so grateful for the rain. Our yard and flower beds are still so pretty and this rain will really help.

    I just came by your blog yesterday to see if you had updated and to find out when to plant bulbs. Heading to the nursery today to get pumpkins and information. :)

    1. Thanks for visiting, Stacey. Check out my Fall "Diggin' in the Dirt" Newlsetter for info on planting bulbs: http://signaturegardens.blogspot.com/p/fall-newsletter.html

  2. Gorgeous! Your garden is the pinnacle of what every gardener aspires to. What a showcase! I love those Wood Ferns around your fountain. Your hellstrip has transformed into a heavenly strip. Thanks for the inspiration, once again.

    PS You probably have won garden of the "century" in your neighborhood:)

  3. Yay for Fall...your garden looks sublime right now...and I'm in love with your Lindheimer's Muhly!

  4. Hi Toni... your gardens continue to amaze! Absolutely a delight! Hope your shoulder is holding up ok...Larry

  5. What a wonderful variety of blooms you have. I particularly love the way that you use grasses in your garden. All of it works together so well.

  6. Beautiful is your garden photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  7. Stunning Water Lily photos, and I love the entryway plantings. The hellstrip has really filled in nicely. I like the way you describe October in your area as like a second spring.

  8. Fabulous, as usual. :o) I've spent most of the fall redesigning my garden and am excited about the results. I sowed garlic chives with my daylilies, too, but ended up moving the daylilies before the chives took off because they needed to be in a moister spot. I have a few stalwart chives left that I'm letting stay. That hellstrip is amazing!

  9. Love the lushness, the amazing contrasts, and the colors that you have in your garden. the photos are amazing.

  10. I can see why that view is your favorite, there is so much beauty to behold. The hellstrip turned out wonderfully, gosh, it's amazing how much the plants grew and filled in. You must be the envy of the neighborhood. There are so many gorgeous plants blooming there; I sure enjoyed my visit.

  11. This garden is beautiful and co perfect

  12. your picture veri beautifull , I like this and you know ?? this is very nice