Monday, December 16, 2013

Fall Leaves an Impression on Winter

Usually the leaves fall before the snow flies, but this year it was just the opposite.   When our weather went from balmy to brrr in just a matter of hours, the freezing rain and sleet fell before the trees had a chance to drop their leaves.

My neighbors' pretty Shumard Red Oak

At first the winter scene was rather impressive, but then in no time at all the white stuff was littered with fallen leaves.


Even though the temps remained at freezing or below for an impressive number of hours, the ice started to melt where the leaves were lying, leaving their impression in the frosty surface.

The leaves didn't make a lasting impression, because thankfully now that the temps have increased,  winter's brief presence is dwindling fast.

Now all I am left with is the carnage after the freeze.  Everywhere I look, the plants seem to be saying, "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!"

My beloved giant leopard plant,
once impressing me with its large shiny leaves...
... now looks like a deflated parachute!

The elephant ears are a big pile of green mush over a big pile of ice.  
Not too impressive, huh?

I'm not too impressed with the skunk-like odor 
of the frozen society garlic either.

I am, however, very impressed by the spicy fragrance that the Mexican mint marigold gives off even in its less-than-impressive condition.

And I'm also impressed at the resilience of the little plant they call... 
...a "pansy" 

If this leaves you with the impression that I don't much care for winter, that's just about right.    On the other hand, icy cold days do force me to stay inside and at least make an attempt at getting more organized.     And any time I can get a little more organized...well, that's pretty impressive!

For a look at some other impressive foliage, 
visit Pam @ Digging for Foliage Follow-Up.

Toni :-)


  1. Thank heavens for the plants that don't mind the snow and cold, especially the humble, reliable pansy. Those leaf impressions in the snow are quite lovely. Thanks for sharing those!

  2. Yes, Pansies are amazing! The images of the leaves on the snow are quite lovely--especially the multicolored Japanese Maples. That photo is fabulous. I hope your plants will come back with the milder weather. We're getting excited here for a few highs this week above 32F, after many days in the single digits. Happy Holidays!

  3. The picture of the Maple leaves on the snow is gorgeous! What beautiful color. I love that giant leopard plant. I searched for one at my local garden center this Fall. It is such an unusual plant.

  4. Oh my Toni… looks a bit like Wisconsin! Neat photos… Larry

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