Saturday, December 14, 2013

Frozen in Time

In my last post I shared pictures of the icy blast that hit our area the first week of December.

I have a decorative birdhouse that sits on the top shelf of my potting bench.   As you can see, it (along with everything else in my yard) was covered with ice.

As I looked closer at the icicles hanging from the roof of the birdhouse, I was amazed to see this single droplet of water frozen in a moment of time, suspended on a single strand of silk from a spider web.

It made me think about the critical timing of all of the elements that went into creating this scene.

 The spider had to spin this strand of silk at some point before it got too cold for the spider to survive the freezing temps, yet not so long ago that the strand could have been destroyed.   And then the rain had to fall in just the right spot that it landed on this strand, and the temperature had to be just the right degree to freeze this droplet of water before it fell off the strand.

Sometimes it's the little things in life that I marvel at most.

I hope during this busy holiday season that you are not so overwhelmed by the big things that you miss the opportunity to marvel at the little things.

Toni :-)


  1. Toni, I'm marveling that you were out there to see it! It was so cold!

    Spiders and spider webs are magical to me too. They are little works of art.

  2. I loved your story...the little things are so important!

  3. That is pretty incredible, Toni, and beautiful, too. Winter is amazing--if only it weren't so cold, I'd enjoy winter photography so much more. Your images are lovely.

  4. The rain had to fall in just the right spot that it landed on this strand
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