Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Southern Snow

 On our trip to visit family in 
South Carolina 
this Christmas, 
we got to see a little of the white stuff.

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning after Christmas the flakes started falling...

 and we woke up to a light covering of snow.
I'm sure my friends and family in the north are probably laughing at this "snow day,"  but for those of us in the south, this is a rare event, and I just had to take a few pictures!

The rosemary and holly were frosted.

The red berries of Photinia and Burford Holly were bright
against the dusting of snow.

The frigid temps kept this droplet...


Frosty "fingers" of the neighbor's dogwood tree

 A snow-capped birdhouse

Popping out of the snow, this cute little squirrel ornament offers the hope of spring blooms :-)

After playing outside in the snow, 
my grandson and I attempted to make a gingerbread house.

The weight of the "snow" collapsed the roof,
and it started to melt very quickly.
(Notice the lovely landscaping!)

 * * *
The snow melted very quickly outside, too.  
It was gone the next day...and so were we.  

We are on our way back home to Texas 
to bring in the New Year.    

And thanks to a new laptop for Christmas and Wi-Fi in the hotel, this post is being brought to you on the go! 
Isn't technology great :-) 

Until next time... 

Toni :-)

P.S. To see some other snowy landscapes around the country, visit the 2010 First Snowfall Project at Leaping Greenly


  1. wow these are beautiful images. squirrel looking so cute. Happy new year

  2. Joyous Holidays Toni! I love the gingerbread house and your metaphor! Wishing you many blessings for the New Year!

  3. I love the Photinia and Holly with the snow - red berries just seem to be made to have a frosting of snow on them. Sounds like the perfect amount of snow for you - enough for beautiful images but not enough to disrupt travel.

  4. Very nice snow scenes! the squirrel is the best

    Hope you had a great Christmas! and the best happy new year!

  5. Beautiful, snowy photos, Toni! No laughter coming from here in sunny Florida. Snow is a never-event at my Florida latitude, and people are completely mesmerized by the stuff. Therefore, I reserve my laughter for those folks I know who headed up to the Carolinas this week to see the white stuff. Not to visit anyone or any particular place...just to see snow!

  6. Everything looks better with a dusting of snow. Too bad the stuff outside isn't as tasty as the frosting on your gingerbread house!

  7. I like your snow images and it is certainly not common place there. The dusting of snow added so much t the photos of the berries and I almost feel sorry for the little squirrel, even if he has no clue how frosty it is outside.

  8. I am glad someone else has the same experiences with gingerbread houses. It's a good thin neither of us decided to be an engineer. Carolyn

  9. Thank you everyone for leaving your comments. I'm never sure if I will get a chance to see snow at my garden in Texas, so I wanted to snap the frosty pictures while I had the chance. When we got back home today it was 70 degrees! My kind of winter :-)

    And Carolyn, you are so right -- I think I'll stick to gardening and NOT gingerbread construction! Ha! We had fun trying anyway.

  10. I live in South Carolina and completely understand the novelty! I was born here and this was my first ever white Christmas... so magical!

  11. Eliza, it was a magical day, wasn't it!! So glad we could be there for it and to have fun playing in the snow with my grandsons :-)

  12. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze, does it Toni!? I totally understand the awe and excitement of the first snow...and to have it on Christmas always adds a special ambience. To have snow in Texas at all is in itself a thrill (for many--but probably a nightmare, for others!!). Here in northern VA we had a mere dusting, while the southern states and those north of us all were in the 'path'. I especially love your gingerbread house. We had a similar thing happen with one of ours when the frosting wouldn't harden and all the candy just slipped right off. Your photos will forever save your cherished memories and will be a gift to your grandchildren as they grow and are able to look back.

  13. AH!! My daughter made the same house...she's a bit older I'm sure so it turned out a little more straight! hahaha I love this one! It has character!

  14. Hi Toni -- thanks for your snowy submission to the First Snowfall Project. Sorry I'm so slow getting to it, but it will be up with the rest today. :) Happy New Year!